Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Miss Pissy Pants

BS Things That Piss Me Off.

  •  Chocolate Chip ice cream makers cheaping out and filling the center with vanilla only.
  • Cheap-o Wall-Mart coffee pot not working properly & leaving me with coffee grounds in my cup.
  • Crappy letters on Words With Friends.
  • People who have to bitch about the same thing 50 million times. Hello, the horse is dead.
  • Ordering pizza. Dollface not liking what we order. I tell her to pick off what she doesn't like. She. Does. This. ------->
  • Not taking enough reusable grocery bags with me to the store. Then the idiot bagger thinks is a grand idea to start placing one item per plastic bag. Because CLEARLY I bring the reusables just for fun and I don't actually give a shit about reducing the amount of plastic bags I use. IDIOT.
  • Demanding deployment preparation schedules. 
  • Not being able to locate my large suitcase one week before flying to St. Louis.
  • Laptop batteries that aren't worth a shit. 6 minutes. That's all I get when I disconnect it.
  • People who makes these lists. Whoops. 
  • My daughter now thinking its ok to take my phone and run off to watch the I Think I'm a Bunny YouTube video over and over and over again. And of course, forgetting where she sits my phone down before something shiny catches her eye. This one I blame SGT completely for. 
  • Bar soap in public restrooms. WHO DOES THAT?! OMG GROSS! "Don't touch anything! - here, I'll use my super human mom powers to open the door for us. Keep your hands in the air. I repeat: DO NOT TOUCH A THING!!"


  1. Haha I like when you bitch. It amuses me. Can I add to the list?
    People who say they love my kids like their own (trust me you don't)
    Drivers who go slow in the left lane
    People who text while you're talking to them. So rude.
    Ok I think I'm done. That felt good :)

  2. Oh good! We're adding to the list....
    People who say Nuc-u-lar instead of Nucl-e-ar.
    People who talk on facebook about someone they know will be reading it and they try to make it look veiled.
    That's all I have right now...Hang in there...your day will get better!
    xo wendy


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