Thursday, July 5, 2012

WANTED: Life Coach or Mental Hospital

I don't think I'm cut out to be a grownup. Ever feel like this? It simply doesn't feel right. I shouldn't be a 30 year old mom of two! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change any of it for the world, but some days it feels like I'm wearing someone else shoes.

I'm mostly just joking when I say I want a mentor or life coach, but not really. Right now I feel like I'm at an impasse with furthering my education and career choices. I do not know which path to follow. This is especially concerning now that Dollface will be going to Kindergarten all day, this is my time to finish my education. MY TIME. We've said this ever since we started having kids. I know this mess is my fault- I chose to run off and marry the love of my life and leave school way to young.(Kids- Don't be a love struck 19 yr old & get married at 20!)  
Pat and Becky
sitting in a tree:
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes baby
in a baby carriage!
We've said all along, that after both kiddos are in school full time, all day, then-FINALLY I get to do the same! MY TIME.

The school I was enrolled in had a BS in Human Services degree & I was working on that. My plan was to finish getting my BS and then transfer to UTEP. At UTEP I wanted work on getting a masters in Occupational Therapy. PERFECT! We are stationed at Biggs Army Air Field (Ft. Bliss) and there is a university right here in town! WHAT! It sounds like it was meant to be, right?! ha Unfortunately I took an almost 2 yr hiatus due to deployment homecomings and PCSing to Texas. In that short time my original school no longer have that program available. Of Course. So now I am trying feverishly to figure out what my next step is. I'm at a loss. A different degree program? A different school? Which school/university? Will my credits transfer in a beneficial way? Oh and there is always that sweet little gem about us only being here for another year or so that plays a huge part too. All the joys of being a military family. Instability at its best. 

***Sidenote: Happy 10yr Anniversary to my Mr.


  1. Excellent post. I'm 31 & still feel 15, I always think.of going back to school, but don't know what to do and honestly I'm sort of scared, being an adult can be scary. You are not c alone.

    1. Crazy scary. I think about being 31 often and think wow, I'm 31? I'm here, what's next... gah!!!

  2. I didn't start feeling anywhere near like an "adult" until this past year. Granted, I didn't have kids to kick me into high gear, but I had all the other life stuff going on that should have made me feel like the grownups you saw on TV. Turns 36 was a HUGE oh shit moment. Suddenly, I began noticing how I didn't necessarily relate quite as easily to the newest crop of folks at work who were only a year or two out of school. I'd gone from being the person at work planning happy hours and pranks to watching others step into that role. WTF?! It felt weird. I still feel like I'm young but much closer to the grownup I'm supposed (who says?) be.

    Do you have to have certain criteria to get into the occupational program at UTEP? Maybe you could do a more general degree then transfer. The great thing I like to keep in mind is that these days you're never too old to reinvent yourself. People are staying in the same career their whole lives, so if you give it a fair shot and hate can take that experience and evolve!

    Wow. Sorry I wrote a book here.

    1. Oh please! do not apologize, ever! It is refreshing to read about how others feel on this topic. I know it seems to be a common one anymore. Ahhh
      I'm going to look for more info on the OT prerequisites right now! I need to get enrolled before everything is filled up! why am I such a procrastinator?! :)

  3. Don't stress. Go with your gut. Sorry I don't have better advice, but I really think talking to an education counselor can't hurt. Talk to one at each school if that makes you feel better. See which one gives you a better feeling. I say if you CAN go to school, you should. Coming from someone who aches to be back in the classroom, you owe it to me to take advantage of the opportunity. :)

    1. I did. I'm trying. But just as sure as I am an awful procrastinator, I waited to long to get the attention needed right before Fall sessions begin. Therefore, I am sticking with the trusted school I've been with for ages. For now..


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