Friday, August 17, 2012

its funny because its true

Well, I'm a little late on posting this meme. They were all the craze last week amongst bloggers, SO here I am, as fashionably late as ever, Darlings... (spoken in an Absolutely Fabulous voice)

Oh, if you really knew me you would know:

I am an only child, a middle child, the oldest of four, and the youngest of three. It’s safe to say that I am a sister to several.

I am the keeper of many, many secrets.

I am a news junky.

I was given my first typewriter for my 5th birthday.

Wrote my first ‘story’ by my 6th birthday.

I have a dream of completing a novel. Right now, I have notes, an outline, the first three pages, and several random pages. It is not as easy as I remember when when I was six was.

I swear like a sailor!

I am a compulsive picture taker. I own way to many cameras and I bought the iPhone, in particular, because of the camera and photo apps available. My kids jokingly call me Paparazzi Mama.

I suffer from mild migraines, but lately they have been getting worse. I think its time to call the doc.

My husband is my best friend. Always has been, always will be.  Hands down, no questions asked. Its him.
Yet he gets on my nerves so badly that I want to throat punch him daily. 
I love that man.

I am much more disappointed in my lack of personal accomplishments than I could ever express in words. 

I have anger issues.

I am a horrible cook.

I am overly sensitive about way to many things. I try not to let this show because I know how ridiculous it is that I care about so much that has nothing to do with me.

I cry during movies, commercials, songs, books, anything. If it truly moves me, I promise you, I am probably fighting back tears.

I am happiest during a Midwest fall. I miss the crisp to the air and the colors of the trees. Desert life is not for me.

I am a roller derby wanna be.  I wish there were more hours in a day and I wish there was a Derby Fairy & she would bring me all the awesome gear required for practice & play. Shits expensive!

I over think and over analyze EVERYTHING and I usually make myself miserably sick because of this bad habit.

My dad has stage 4 Melanoma cancer. The doctors told him he would be lucky to make it another 12 months. That was two years ago. Sadly, he is the person I am least compassionate to. I'm working on this.  

I love bad jokes. Like, really love them.  
Did you hear the one about the roof?

I want to be covered in amazing tattoos, but I am scared of how some respected family members would react. My parents wouldn’t mind, but other elder family members would. I wish I didn’t care about what they thought of me.

I have severe body image issues. 

I lose everything. Everything. From keys to wallets to sunglasses to jewelry to phones to children. It is, by far, the most frustrating thing. 


  1. Ha. You are in good company. I can identify with most of those statements, as I bet most people can (albeit secretly).

    I used to be very very sensitive. I still am, but since I learned to laugh at myself (genuinely!) I've found life has gotten a lot happier. It's not an easy thing to learn, but it's worthwhile. Helps you focus on the things that really matter. :)

    What's green and fuzzy and goes quack-quack?

    A moldy duck. (LOLOLOLOL it's not even funny, but that's been one of my favorite jokes since I was about 5. Yep laughing at myself right now)

    1. Oh you just made my morning! Yes, I laughed at the moldy duck.
      Did you hear the one about the roof?

      (dismissively spoken) ... don't worry about it, its over your head.

  2. this made me laugh and pout at the same time

    1. YAY For Simultaneous-ness :)

  3. I'm totally with you on Fall in the Midwest. Now that I'm back in Indiana I feel like I wait 3/4 of the year for Fall to come back. I just love the way the air feels and smells and how much better baked goods seem to taste :)

    1. ::Sigh:: I long for the days of crisp cool air...

  4. Awww I loved reading these because I know you!! :) The last one particularly made me laugh. Remember Myra's recital tickets? :)
    Miss you!

  5. I see a kindred spirit in many of the things on the list. :-)


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