Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I have a new addiction. His name is The Doctor.
  2. Today, I made the Perfect Cup of Coffee. Do you know how amazing that is? To actually have a PERFECT cup of coffee in the morning? 
  3. That glorious moment when you realize all back to school shopping is COMPLETE. 
  4. I found the 30 most inspirational quotes ever here.
  5. Since the husband is confined to the bed for 30 days we got all the of the seasons to LOST. Begin obsession #2. I had no idea how original and interesting this show was. 
  6. I almost had to throw an elbow this weekend while shopping for school lunch bags. I am not proud of this. People are assholes. 
  7. The Price Is Right is coming to town to tape a show next month. I want to go for my birthday. I doubt I'll be able to and I am fully prepared to pout that entire day if I'm not there. 
  8. Cleaning the pool sucks. 
  9. West Nile scares the shit out of me. 
  10. Pretty excited to get my GetGlue stickers. I just started using it and became totally obsessed with earning stickers. I mean, who doesn't love stickers?! STICKERS!!------>


  1. 2. I have yet to actually make the perfect cup of coffee. I'm so jealous. The hubs usually makes my coffee because he makes it perfectly, unlike me.
    3. Go you!
    5. Aw, sorry to hear about your hubs not being able to move for 30 days. I was stuck in bed for 2.5 days & I about died haha.
    6. Yes they are. This is the same reason I'm not looking forward to Christmas shopping :/
    7. I love love love that show!
    8. Lucky. I wish I had a pool.
    9. Word.

    Thanks a bunch for linking up! I had a blast reading your 10.

    1. Thanks lady! I got your email too (way rad, btw. will deff check out the Thursday thing!) Hope I did it right? can you mess up a list? who knows. I'll try again next week fo sho!

    2. You did great! Believe it or not, it's actually pretty damn hard to mess up a list of ten random things haha.

  2. I love the 10th doctor. I can't wrap head around this new one...even after 3 seasons of him.

    1. I keep hearing that! I am a new the Who, but I am loooving it!

  3. I want the perfect cup of coffee too!
    So sorry to hear about your husband! Hope he will get better soon!

    1. Thanks! :) He's doing loads better. He had surgery on his ankle to repair some impacted nerve issues. Should be good soon.

  4. Are you in Dallas? I live there and they just had to spray the town because of a West Nile scare :O BTW I hope you hubby gets better soon...

    1. I wish I was in Dallas! ... well, except for the whole West Nile outbreak thing... I am in El Paso, Hell Paso, El Piss Hole, what ever term of endearment you choose to use :)

  5. I've just been trolling through your blog like a proper stalker and stopped on this entry. Hope your hubs is doing better! And OMG, we have all the seasons of Lost on DVD and love, love, love it!!!

    Also, I just wanted to stop in and say HI, hope all is well, and I'm having lots of fun shirking work this afternoon and reading your blog. :)


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