Friday, August 10, 2012

The day my husband cried

and it went a little somethin like this... 

me: we need to get rid of the mustang 
to which he typically responses with: 
"I have a buyer lined up. A kid a work..."

(crickets chirping)

A little back story 
We bought the Mustang at the worse possible time; right before a PCS and buying a house. We didn't need the car, we wanted the car. It was a 'welcome back from deployment #839, we missed you. Heres a cool car to show we care.' kinda thing. Completely irresponsible and impulsive and exactly what the military tells you NOT TO DO. And man was it fun... for a little while. Then reality set in. The military only allows you  2 vehicles if living on post (which we were in post housing at that time) and only compensates you for 2 vehicles during a PCS move. We had to come completely out of pocket for the trailer to pull the car across country causing many delays in our travel here. It was a huge pain in the booty. Then it sat in the garage. Just sat there. Started regularly, but we put maybe 20 miles on in it the past year. It was a pointless added expense. 
Yea, it was cool. Yea, it was all manly and he loved to brag about having it, but it was POINTLESS.
Fast Forward

me: we need to get rid of the mustang 
him: sell it
(crickets chirping... keyboard clicking) 
me: a guy will be here in 2 hours to look at it.
him: wait, what? what did you do? ... 
me: you told me to sell it. I did. 

awkward silence.... 

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{Just like ripping off a band aide, it was over before he knew it} 

A kid, smiling from ear to ear, showed up at our door with his parents. Once we started up the car for them, it was over. The guy was in love. His dad was in love. And his mom couldn't control her smiles as she watched her oldest son and husband beginning to bond over this classic beauty already. It melted my heart to see them all so happy.

Ironically, the kid is an 18 year old new recruit to the Army. He saved up every penny from basic training to buy a car before leaving for AIT.  I can't put into words just how perfect the whole experience felt. Here my husband is, an 'old vet' at this point, and on crutches to top it off, handing over the keys to his beloved 1969 Mustang GT to a brand new soldier. It was a sad day for the Mr.
"Treat her well, kid. Treat her well." 

I'll leave you with this catchy tune to start your weekend.
The song currently on repeat on my phone because my kids FREAKIN LOVE IT!
Eels - Flyswatter

oh is that stuck in your head now? you're welcome :)


  1. That's really sad but I think you guys just made a young boys dreams coming true. I'm sure he'll take care of it and I'm sure you guys will get another car like that.

    1. I'm not going to lie. I'm happy its gone :)

  2. Bittersweet, I love how the new Soldier bought it, great end!

  3. I have similar ideas about that Jeep. As soon as Jeremy says "sell it" it's gone. LOL
    Pretty cool about the young soldier though. :)


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