Monday, October 17, 2011

Thrift Store Guru

I firmly believe that thrifting is an art form. Lets face it, anyone can go into a thrift store or flea market, but it takes a special kind of person to be elbow deep in second hand dust, all in the name of pulling out a hidden gem! We Thrift Store Guru’s are a rare breed.

To learn more about thrifting, check out the ABC's of Thrifting at Sweet Green Tangerine. She did a marvelous job at compiling some very useful information for any level thrifter.

If you want to find some great second hand stores in your area, check out for a National Thrift Store Directory. I know! I was floored when I found it too! GENIUS! She even has a place for you to leave reviews about the stores you have visited. As an avid review reader, I beg you, LEAVE REVIEWS! others will thank you. I will thank you.

Here are some (and by some I mean, tons) shots from my last venture out in Thriftland:


  1. Vintage Pyrex! So, what did you get? That place looks amazing!! Thanks for the link-up :)

  2. Sadly, nothing on that trip. That one was a scope things out to see what they offered and their prices. I need to go back tho! So many interesting and fun things there!!

  3. I want that table/desk in the 5th picture!!

  4. I was scrolling down saying "I want that! Oh wait No I want that..."


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