Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday

This is how I felt this week!

We can do it! (image credit:

I was able to accomplish a lot, but I'll just post about two :)

*We bought our house in August and it’s been one DIY project after another. This week I tackled removing the handicap bars from the guest bathroom. ((Still need to replace tiles))

Project one: The remove a silicone seal on tile.

You will need Goo Gone, a flat head screwdriver ((ok, my hubs said I was crazy and next time just use a putty knife. So maybe you want to try that instead.)) And an all purpose cleaner. I like Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.

Be sure to open a window. That Goo Gone goes right to your head! No joke.

 (As you can see on the mirror below, it needs some diy love too. 

I will be updating that in the near future. 

I'm thinking add molding, frame it, and make it pretty!)

muhaha and he said I couldn't be done! 
It did take me about an hour, but all the silicone seal crap was gone!

Project Two: The Polka Dotting of the letter P

I went to Michaels and found letter hooks for 90% off. NINETY PERCENT OFF! That is just crazy! So I got one for my niece, she should be making her debut to the world any day! 
While I was bored last night, I grabbed some pencils and paint and went to town making polta dots on Miss P's new hook! 

*Dab the eraser end of the pencil in some paint and voilà, perfect little polka dots. 

 ah, the week is now done.
Cheers to everyone!

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  1. love the letter hanger!

  2. I LOVE DIY home projects!! Nothing better than making something in your home more functional and pretty, all with your own hard work! And I love your new blog design. Lindsey is so great, she made my blog buttons and she has the best style!

  3. It's going to look fantastic in there!

  4. we've still got little jobs for the house to be finished, after 18mths. not bad really.

    you did well.

    enjoy your weekend!


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