Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It was a Marvel Monday

Our Monday revolved around, The One, The Only, The Captain America

With kids in tow, my friend Janae and I headed to Freedom Crossing in Fort Bliss, to meet the man of the hour ... along with about 300 other kids. Can we say 'Avengers Assemble!'?

After standing in line for over an hour, it was finally our turn! The excitement was almost overwhelming for the 3 year old, as you can see in the 1st picture. Ah, to be a kid again where everything is a welcomed adventure and balloons cure what ails you. 

- It was a pretty fabulous day & completely kid approved.

“Captain America is not here to lead the country. I’m here to serve it. If I am a Captain, I’m a soldier. Not of any military branch but of the American people. Years ago, in a simpler time, this suit and this shield were created as a symbol to help make America the land it’s suppose to be… To help it realize its destiny. 

Ricocheting from super-villain duel to super-villain duel doesn't always serve that purpose. There's a difference between fighting against evil and fighting for the common good. I'm not always able to choose my battles... but effective immediately I am going to make an effort to choose the battles that matter. Battles against injustice, against cynicism, against intolerance.

Together, you and I will identify and confront America's problems. Together we will figure out what we are and what we can be. Together we will define the American dream and make it an American reality."
 Source: "To Serve and Protect"

*Captain America, I wish you were real.


  1. I really want to see the new Captain America! =]

  2. that's so cute! looks like they had a great time.


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