Thursday, March 22, 2012

SPOTLIGHT * SarahRooftops

I can't quite remember how exactly it was that I stumbled across her blog, but I do remember what caught my attention. It was this post right here. Since that day, I have been determined to own a purple coat. "When I am Young I Shall Wear Purple" are wise words to live by.

I truly enjoy her blog and all the photos of her travels and if you check it out, I bet you'll love it too.

Spotlighting the one and only:
SARAH from SarahRooftops

Do you dream in color?
I do! I've been asked this so many times before but I've never been 100% certain either way. Then just last week I had a dream that I was getting married and, rather than the usual white or ivory frock, my dress was a wonderful emerald green ballgown. In fact, it was a vintage emerald green ballgown which I already own in real life, which I bought on eBay for just £5 ($8) and which I've never had the occasion to wear...

What was the last movie you watched?
Just ten minutes ago I got home from seeing War Horse. It was ever so long and I could sit and pick holes in it but the important thing is probably that there were tears rolling down my cheeks more than once. It's a great big whack of emotion.

What do you do in your free time?
I watch a lot of films. A LOT of films. I also read heaps, blog more and more regularly, do a bit of Other Writing on the side and I've been sewing for about a year now. I also love meeting up with my friends for a chat and I spend a lot of time waggling shoelaces in front of my cats.

Do you parallel park or just say forget it and drive around the block again?
I'm thirty-three years old and I still can't drive. I know! It's something I'd like to learn some day, subject to having the money and access to a car. But I have done nine lessons over the course of my life. I couldn't change gears without stalling. I couldn't turn a corner without wanting to cry. I couldn't bring myself to drive over 9mph. But parallel parking? Parallel parking I could do. Must have been my excitement about getting the big scary car to stop...

Have you ever met anyone "famous"?
True stories: I once shared a house with Princess Diana and the Princes William and Harry; my dad was in that episode of "Friends" where Rachel turns thirty; and Bruce Lee's best friend was a member of my step-family. Not a word of a lie.

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