Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The SPOTLIGHT today goes to...DRUMROLL, Please...

Miss Amie from Completely Unfinished. 
WHAT? Is her blog named after me? ha, no, but it sure could be. Creative blog by a creative girl. While you take a peek at her beautiful blog, don't forget to check out her 25 BEFORE 25 list. Notice that she has Roller Derby on her list as well. Girl after my own heart.

Thank you, Amie, for taking the time to pick 5 random questions to answer. In case you any of you have forgotten or would care to see the list of questions again, you can do so here
how cute is she?! :)

Do you dream in color?  Yes I do.  Most of the time it's shades of blue for some reason...hmmm..

Do you enjoy rainy days or snowy days more? I'm not a fan of winter or rainy days, but i'll take a pretty sunny snowy day over rain :)  The rain always puts me in a yucky mood, unless i'm at home snuggling in bed or something. 

What do you do in your free time? I design away on my computer, sew, take photos of everything, and play roller derby.  Oh, and I make lots & lots of lists!

what is your middle name? Lynne. Funny story--both of my college roommates and I had the same middle name but spelled differently.  It's a pretty common name but I still thought it was funny :P

What desert describes you best?  Probably that vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream...because I can't easily make up my mind! 

Come back tomorrow to see where else the SPOTLIGHT is shining.

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  1. Thanks again for the feature, girl! :) haha I actually just thought of a really good answer for one of the other questions..eeep!


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